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Planning Appeal Service

All Types of Planning and Enforcement Appeals Covered

Planning Appeals, Homeowner Appeals,Commercial Appeals, Change of Use Appeals, Certificate of Lawfulness Appeals, Change of Use Appeals, Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) Appeals, Listed building Content Appeals, Appeals Against non-Determination and much More.

At HEAL Planning Appeals we like to think that our well above average Appeals success rate is due to our very different approach and company structure. Our team consists of both experienced planning and legal experts who have worked in local authorities and in the private sector. In these roles they have undertaken all types of planning appeals for clients for many years. We therefore understand what can be done and recognise that sometimes there are options available which may otherwise be overlooked.

Our experts produce appeals that cover not only the basics but go in depth to utilise and leverage the National Planning Policy Framework, Local Plans and guidance, Local Planning Precedent, Planning Obligations and such other techniques and opportunities that may be available for use can be to give our clients enhanced chances of success – which includes the knowledge and experience our team has from the decades of dealing with similar matters all over England and Wales.

Providing a One Stop Solution for Planning Appeals

For people who want to appeal against the refusal of their recent Planning Application!

Our professional planning appeal service overseen by Dr Robin Hooper LLB LLM PhD FRSA has been designed as a fixed fee cost-effective way to challenge local authorities’ refusals of planning applications. Our Fixed Fee option is the ideal solution for people who want to access professional experts experience but who simply cannot or do not want to pay Solicitor / Planning Consultancy hourly rate fees or cannot afford appealing without the knowledge of the full cost in advance. The fact is Solicitor and Consultant fees can usually be quiet daunting, especially when they will not provide an absolute cost in advance. We offer the alternative of being upfront with our fee structure which is fixed at the point of you appointing us to act.

We can deal with all types of application and manage the appeal process. These include:

Refusal of permission for extensions, housing plots, seeking to remove unreasonable conditions, Change of Use applications, Enforcement, Certificate of Lawfulness (although these do require a different approach so fee rates may vary), Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas, enforcement cases where depending on the facts the fee may vary.

Complex and Large Development Appeals

If you have a more complex case which requires a greater knowledge of your specific project, the area it is located in, site visits etc… then we also offer other ways which include administrative fee then No Win, No Fee (Available for multiple dwellings applications) and Hourly Rate Options. We would be pleased to discuss these with you. It is likely, for example, that these may be a hearing or public inquiry where a different approach may be needed and more time will be involved over the written representation appeals

We currently cover England and Wales.

Start your appeal today, without delay! Complete our online form and we could be working for you towards seeking to gain the planning permission you want.

Free No Obligation Planning Appeal Consultation

Planning Appeal Service