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Enforcement Notice Appeals – Alleged Breach of Planning Control

Who do you need handeling your Enforcement Appeal? A Planning Professional? A Legal Professional? We have both in-house!

We offer all Enformcement Notice Appeal clients:

1) Free No Obligation Consultation Telephone 01743369911
2) Written Detailed Proposal so you can make a Fully Informed Decision
3) Competitive Fixed Price Structure
4) Full Management from Start to Finish
5) Appeal Produced and Handled by Both our in-house Planning and Legal Teams
6) Stage Payment Options

IT IS VITALY IMPORTANT YOU DO NOT DELAY! An Enforcement Notice has a very limited time to respond and Appeal.

For dealing with Pre Enforcement Notice letters and emails from your Local Planning Authority see here!

If you have received an Enforcement Notice you have two options.

1) Comply with the notice or
2) Appeal against the notice

We can help with your appeal against the Enforcement Notice and any refusal of planning permission!

If the Council has decided to pursue enforcement action over the alleged unauthorised development at your property (Alledged Breach of Planning Control). Or if you have received an Enforcement Notice already you may be concerned about it and wondering what can be done – We do provide services to people in very similar situations all over England and Wales.

Our team consists of both experienced planning and legal experts who have worked in Local Authorities and in the private sector and undertaken many Enforcement Appeals for clients for many years. We therefore understand what can be done and recognise that sometimes there are options available which may otherwise be overlooked. Often Enforcement Notices are issued within a few days of a refusal of planning permission reducing your appeal time on the refusal of the planning application as well from months to days! (We can appeal both!)

Failure to Comply with an Enforcement Notice and if you fail to appeal in the time scale provided can result in fines and action to physically rectify the planning breach.

IMPORTAT! Many Local Planning Authorities issue enforcement notices almost immediately after issuing a planning refusal notice for a retrospective development, which reduces the time available to appeal any planning refusal from weeks and months to days in most cases!

Book Your Free Enforcement Notice Appeal Consultation

To book your Free No Obligation Enforcement Notice Appeal Consultation with a member of our team simply telephone our office 01743 369911 or email and we will schedule a telephone call at a time that suites you. A consultation will usually take between 30 and 45 minutes depending upon the nature and number of the issues involved.

Our team will require the following information so they can do some research prior to the consultation.

1) A copy of the enforcement notice you have received
2) Date notice issued
3) If it is connected to any planning application, if so what is the reference number
4) How long have you been given to comply or appeal
5) Useful background information that may provide valuable insight

Once you have had your free Enforcement Notice free no obligation consultation with a member of our team we will send you an email with our proposal.

Enforcement Notice Planning Appeals