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Dealing with Planning Pre Enforcement Notice Letters

Often local authorities will send out letters informing the property owner / land owner / occupier that there is a perceived breach in planning consent. These letters can look very formal and can be very unnerving for the recipient of them.

Usually a pre enforcement notice will ask you to do something within a set amount of time (say 28 days) and if you fail to do so an Enforcement Notice will be issued. These notices will sometimes state that failure to comply with an enforcement notice is an offence and that you can be fined tens of thousands of pounds should you fail to comply.

It is also important to realise that an enforcement notice is a very serious matter as it is classed as a Criminal Matter, as such these need to be dealt with and must not be ignored, whatever you do don’t put the letter on the side and leave it. We at HEAL are well placed to handle these matters as not only do we have an in-house Planning Team but we also have an in-house Legal Team.

In many circumstances once we are instructed to work for a client we are often then able to work with the local authority and prevent the serving an Enforcement Notice or at least delaying it while the matter is trying to be resolved. That’s the benefit of an organisation having an in-house Legal Team.

At HEAL we are able to offer an Fixed Fee pricing solution for many of our clients for Enforcement Notice related work reducing additional worries that costs that otherwise could spiral as the case progresses.

Contact us today for your free no obligation consultation, our team of professionals will run through your specific case and provide guidance accordingly.

We look forward to speaking soon and helping you to resolve your issue.

Book Your Free Enforcement Notice Appeal Consultation

To book your Free No Obligation Enforcement Notice Appeal Consultation with a member of our team simply telephone our office 01743 369911 or email and we will schedule a telephone call at a time that suites you. A consultation will usually take between 30 and 45 minutes depending upon the nature and number of the issues involved.

Our team will require the following information so they can do some research prior to the consultation.

1) A copy of the enforcement notice you have received
2) Date notice issued
3) If it is connected to any planning application, if so what is the reference number
4) How long have you been given to comply or appeal
5) Useful background information that may provide valuable insight

Once you have had your free Enforcement Notice free no obligation consultation with a member of our team we will send you an email with our proposal.

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