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HMO Planning Appeals – Article 4 Direction Issues

Under Article 4, many of our clients are facing difficulty in securing planning permission to change the use of their property into an HMO. As a result, we have helped many clients across England and Wales with their HMO appeals. HMO planning appeals must be made within 28 days of the refusal, so time is of the essence. Getting in touch with HEAL Planning Appeals early on will give us the maximum amount of time to build a strong, watertight case.

What should I do if my HMO planning appeal is refused?

If you have recently had your planning application refused for a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and would like to appeal, we are able to offer a written representation appeal service. This will address and protest against the refusal reasons given by your Local Planning Authority.

Unlike other organisations, our team consists of both planning and legal experts. The wide range of knowledge our team brings to the table provides our clients with the best chance of success.

The process will see our team of planning experts produce a robust appeal. This will state the reasons why your HMO planning application should be approved, based on various factors specific to your case. The report will also go through our legal team who will provide relevant precedents that have seen other clients win HMO planning appeals.

Fixed Fee HMO Appeals

Another benefit of working with HEAL Associates is that we are able to offer a fixed fee HMO Appeal Service. With this, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be suddenly hit with huge, unjustifiable fees.

Our HMO Fixed Fee Appeal service is available to all customers.

Contact our office today for your free no-obligation planning consultation and to find out how we can help your planning appeal succeed.

HMO Appeals
HMO Appeals