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Planning Appeal Timescale

Timescales for a planning appeal

It is really important not to delay to pursue a Planning Appeal. You will see below, time is most definitely not on your side!

Depending upon the type of planning application, the time given to make the appeal can change. The clock starts ticking the date the refusal notice is signed. Often there could be a week even before you receive it from the Council!

The statutory timetable for an appeal begins the date the refusal notice is signed. There is a period of six months (12 weeks for an Householder Application) in which to submit that appeal in proper form to the Planning Inspectorate. We strongly recommend that if you intend to Appeal against the refusal of your Planning Application the sooner the process is started the better. This allows us time to investigate any matters that require further investigation and for correspondence to be completed well within the slim timescales. To really provide the best chances to overturn the decision made by the Council and get the planning application prepared, it does benefit from having the time to investigate the issues, prepare the planning appeal statements and consider other angles that may be appropriate. Preparation of the Planning Appeal is vitally important. We do like to “dot the i’s” and “cross the t’s” to coin a popular phrase, as attention to detail is of paramount importance for a successful result.

PLease Note: If you have recived an Enforcement Notice your Appeal Time Scale will be dramaticly reduced.

HEAL Planning Appeals will start the process of the Planning Appeal and commence work upon receipt of your instruction for us to act as your agent in this matter. We do not believe in sitting on cases, in fact we pride ourselves in ensuring we deal with cases on an immediate action required basis.

One of the more frequently asked questions is why should we appeal now? Why not in a couple of months? Or maybe why not just put a new application for Planning Permission in and see if that works, and then proceed with a Planning Permission Refusal Appeal?

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Planning Appeal Timescale