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Retrospective Planning Application Appeal

Over the last three years over 40,000 retrospective planning applications have been made across England and Wales. Some clients find that they’ve made a genuine mistake during building works and need to apply, or otherwise the Council or neighbours may have found that your development does not match up to, or does not have any, planning permission.

In any case, if your retrospective planning application has been refused, you need specialist help as soon as possible. You may face an enforcement notice and as such will need to rethink your approach.

Retrospective planning appeals are very different from the application itself. At this point, you need a definitive win, or your development could be in jeopardy.

Recent Successful Retrospective Planing Appeal Case Studies

HEAL Planning has a vast and successful experience dealing with Retrospective Planning Appeals. We have produced a number of videos recently explaining each case and how we gained a successful appeal for our clients.

This link will take you to a dedicated page that shows exclusively our Retrospective Planning Appeal Case Study Videos, each video shows and details the refusal reasons, our process to produce the appeal statement to overcome the refusal reasons and the Planning Inspectors decision. Click Here to View our Retrospective Planning Appeal Video Case Studies!

When should I seek retrospective planning permission?

If your retrospective application was refused and you do not appeal, there is a very high chance that you will receive an enforcement notice. But if you appeal prior to receiving an enforcement notice, you will save money!

HEAL Planning Appeals will look for a solid reason why your retrospective planning application should be approved. This could be:

  • Previous precedence of other appeals
  • National Planning Policy Framework
  • Sustainability
  • Local planning and policies

How can HEAL help with your retrospective planning appeal?

It is important that we build up an indisputable case that shows exactly why your retrospective planning appeal should be approved. As an appeal specialist, we understand the importance of this stage in your application, and the severe consequences of retrospective permission not being granted. We won’t leave it up to chance and will ensure that your application is as strong as it can be to ensure success.

Contact us today and for your free, no-obligation consultation, so that we can give your retrospective planning appeal the best chance of success.