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Retrospective Garden Fence Planning Appeal Canterbury City Council

Canterbury City Council refused this retrospective application on 1st March after originally validating on 8th December. There reasons were stated as;

By reason of its hight and location, the fence is considered to have an overbearing impact on neighbouring properties and in conflict with several local policies and the national planning policy framework.

The Appeal statement for this case that is detailed in the video, was produced specifically to overcome the refusal reasons issued by Canterbury City Council for this application. As with many of these types of refusals, the reasons are very subjective and as such require a comprehensive and robust detailed appeal statement. Never under-estimate the level of detail needed, covering policies both locally and nationally and where possible brining other approvals and appeals into the argument. I explain later in the video what and how to achieve this.

The Planning Inspectorate visited the site on 4th October and issued the decision on 27th October.

We are pleased to share that this appeal was successful as detailed in the Planning Inspectors report.

Retrospective Garden Fence Planning Appeal Canterbury City Council Case Study
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