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Mansard Roof Extension Planning Appeal Hackney London

Planning Appeal Case Study in the London Borough of Hackney for a Mansard Roof Extension.

This case started for us when we were contacted by our client after their most recent application had been refused by the London Borough of Hackney and a decision notice had been sent to our client refusing the application.

Our client had been frustrated by the planning system and the lack of information and feedback they had received throughout their previous applications. This was magnified by the fact that other similar developments had been approved in the region for what they were wishing to achieve. It has been noticeable in certain regions that roof extensions seem to be refused straight off no matter what the circumstances are and they are only being granted through appeal.

The refusal was issued on the 30th April 2021 and as a House holder Application the appeal had 12 weeks from the decision notice to be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate.

Our client informed me that they were unsure if they should proceed with an appeal, because of the advice he was given from his architect stating that the architect believed this development had little or no chance at appeal.

As such the client did not instruct us until 9th June 2021 leaving a reduced time to produce a comprehensive and robust appeal.

For further details about this case please see the video above

Mansard Roof Extension Planning Appeal Hackney London?
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