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Lawful Development Certificate Revised Application Shropshire Council

Revised Lawful Development Certificate Revised Application Shropshire Council

We were instructed by our client after their recent Lawful Development Certificate Application had been refused by Shropshire Council and a decision notice had been issued to our client refusing the application.

The refusal was issued on the 24th May 2021 and our client was worried as they felt they had supplied all the evidence and proof and that they had met the balance of probability that was needed to gain the permission.

Upon looking at the case for the client and going thorough the refusal it became obvious that yes the client had the evidence, but unfortunately it had not been put together very well, there was not application statement detailing what was being submitted and why, although a statement is not a requirement for a Lawful Development Dertificate Application we believe it is best practice to submit one along with the evidence.

Additionally the statements that had been provided to support the case were not professionally produced and had obviously not been checked prior to submission and they needed addressing.

As the client had only had the one attempt at this application we suggested that instead of appealing, that we produced a revised application but this time produced everything as needed, so the local authority could see that the evidence was present in the application and would meet the balance of probability.

The client agreed, and proceeded with us in the September so we contacted the planning team at Shropshire to inform them that a revised application was in process and requested they hold off from any enforcement action pending the revised application.

Lawful Development Certificate Revised Application Shropshire Council?
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