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Dropped Curb Planning Appeal London Borough of Bromley

The application was for a proposed development of a dropped curb over the pavement on a classified road next to a four way junction and pelican crossing.

This application was refused by The London Borough of Bromley for the following reasons;

Highway safety, the proposal by reason of its position would create a significant safety hazard in relation to highway and pedestrian safety, contry to policies 32 and 34 of the Bromley Local Plan.

The appeal document for this case was in excess of 15 pages providing a robust and comprehensive argument detailing policies in favour and why the refusal was not justified.

With this type of appeal it is imperative to also look submit an expert report, the highways report for this case was completed by our own highways expert who has had over 30 years experience working in senior highways positions within local authorities.

Additionally research was completed and the findings included that detailed other similar appeals in the London Borough’s that were successful.

This appeal followed our usual format providing an introduction to what the appeal is about, then the refusal reasons and our commentary on why they are wrong.

Next we detailed the planning officers report and provided commentary as to why and how the London Borough of Bromley came to their decision and why it was wrong, we looked at Issues for the appeal, used the National Planning Policy Framework to support the appeal and showed how it relates to the appeal and where essentially the London Borough of Bromley Council were overlooking vitally important relevant information.

Dropped Curb Planning Appeal London Borough of Bromley?
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