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Change of Use Office to Residential Apartment East Suffolk Council planning Appeal

Planning Appeal Case Study in the East Suffolk Council Area for a Change of Use from Commercial Office to Residential Appartment.

This case started for us when we were contacted by our client after an application had been refused by East Suffolk Council and a decision notice was sent to our client refusing the change of use.

The client an experienced developer had been trying along with their agent to gain the permission but unfortunately the local authority was not interested in any change of use. This left our client with no other alternative but to appeal.

The refusal was issued on the 8th April 2021 and as a change of use had a 6 month appeal window. Our client however did not wish for any further delays and instructed us to proceed the same month.

The refusal reasons were mainly overlooking related to adjacent properties and the council was claiming the proposal would cause harm to the living conditions of adjacent properties and would provide a poor standard of amenity to future occupants. As such would be contry to the National Planning Policy Framework and East Suffolk Local Plans policy WLP8.29.

We produced a 16 page appeal statement going through the planning officers report and the decision notice, providing a comprehensive and robust argument bringing national and local policies into play and detailed reasoning as to why the findings were wrong and how this will not have the adverse effects that the council were stating. Additionally we completed a detailed amount of research to find very similar cases that the planning inspectorate had previously granted and look as to how we could use these to benefit this case.

For further details about this case please see the video above

Change of Use Office to Residential Apartment East Suffolk Council planning Appeal?
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